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mayachain's fic list

Posted on 2020.08.05 at 21:35
Here be a lot of gen and (sometimes pre-) slash with the occasional canon het and one OT3 sprinkled in. However, the highest rating is R because I cannot for the life of me write smut. Most of the stories can now also be found at my AO3-account, but I try to maintain a complete list here.

X-Men Movieverse* * * HP * * * SPN * * * SGA * * *Inception * * *Glee * * * Anne of Green Gables * * * Hawaii Five-0 * * * Once Upon a Time * * * Fairytales * * * Avengers * * * Leverage * * * Teen Wolf * * * Vorkosigan * * * Dr. Quinn * * * Haven * * * Merlin * * * The Eagle of the Ninth * * * Babylon 5 * * * Buffy-Verse

X-Men Movieverse: Bobby/St JohnCollapse )

Harry Potter: Lupin/Snape and Neville/DracoCollapse )

birthday "verseCollapse )

Supernatural: Sam & DeanCollapse )

Stargate: AtlantisCollapse )

InceptionCollapse )

GleeCollapse )

Anne of Green GablesCollapse )

Hawaii 5-OCollapse )

Once Upon a TimeCollapse )

FairytalesCollapse )

AvengersCollapse )

LeverageCollapse )

Teen WolfCollapse )

Vorkosigan SagaCollapse )

Dr. Quinn - Medicine WomanCollapse )

HavenCollapse )
MerlinCollapse )
The Eagle of the NinthCollapse )
Babylon 5Collapse )
Buffy the Vampire SlayerCollapse )

And because it's so inspirational:

Title: glamour, blood and soul companions
Characters: Victoire/Teddy, Fleur, George, Charlie
Genre: Next-Gen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~330
Summary: Their pairing was not inevitable, even if his presence was the only thing that kept her from fleeing Hogwarts during that horrible third year.
Notes: Written for 14valentines' "Women and Body Image" topic.

Body Image: Victoire WeasleyCollapse )

Title: commanding immortal words
Characters: Colette Biro(/Miko Kusanagi, & Carson Beckett, & Jennifer Keller)
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~370
Summary: Colette finds that the differences between Carson and Jennifer as direct superiors are hard to sum up.
Notes: Written for 14valentines' "Women and Work" topic.

Work: Colette BiroCollapse )

Title: although they are only breath
Characters: Miko Kusanagi(/Colette Biro)
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~320
Summary: Dr. Kusanagi is not among those looking forward to their work being declassified.
Notes: Written for 14valentines' "Women and Media" topic. As they are adding up, all Kusanagi/Biro ficlets are now collected :)

Media: Miko KusanagiCollapse )

HP green_ring

Ficlet: Indetectable

Posted on 2016.02.03 at 22:21
Tags: ,
Title: Indetectable
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Characters: Guinevere
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~330
Summary: Guinevere knows she is lucky to be born the daughter of a maid and a blacksmith.
Notes: Written for the prompt "Women and Money/Economics" at 14valentines.

Money/Economics: GuinevereCollapse )

Here comes the second valentine!

Title: an oddment on this hand dealt
Characters: Lavender Brown
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 406
Summary: A half-shifted Death Eater werewolf once bowled Lavender over a balcony and savaged her neck. She lived.
Notes: Written for the prompt "Women and Disability/Chronic Illness".

Disability/Chronic Illness: Lavender BrownCollapse )

I discovered the 14valentines community way late - so late that, by the time I was geared up to write 14 women-centric ficlets during the first two weeks of February 2014, the community had stalled. No matter! There was no reason not to post when I had been inspired, and by now 14valentines has become a yearly self-challenge.

Let's see if I can do better than last year and make it through 14 ficlets! Here's the first:

Title: peace in our forebears' time
Pairing: Melena/Ronon Dex
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~300
Summary: Melena's home world is approaching sixty years of peace.
Notes: Inspired by [community profile] 14valentines' "War and Peace" topic. AO3 link here.

War and Peace: Melena DexCollapse )

This is very late, I know!

Title: Twenty-, Thirty-, Fifty-Six
Featuring: young Tonks, Remus/Severus
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~770
Summary: Three times Severus came afoul a lack of discipline on his birthday.
Notes: Previous parts of the birthday!verse can be found here. A timeline can be found here.


2015 in fic review

Posted on 2016.01.01 at 21:40
In 2015, mayachain posted a measly ~14500 words of fic. This was partly because this year 14Valentines got cut short by going on vacation not even halfway through, partly because I wrote a lot of not!fics which I never posted anywhere, and because in mid-August I got hit over the head with original novel inspiration. There was very little fic writing after that until it was time for Yuletide.

Still, my LJ, DW and AO3 accounts have these eighteen posts:

eight one-shots, four new parts to the birthday!verse, four non-series sequels and two not!fics (that I deemed ok enough to be postable).

When all was said and done, there were five ficlets in my solo 14 valentines challenge, one Remix_Redux 12 contribution, one Yuletide gift and treat each, plus some more ficlets. That's not so bad, is it?

mayachain wrote in eight different fandoms, which is seven fewer than last year (but whatever): four for Stargate:Atlantis, Harry Potter and Leverage respectively, two for Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga and one each for Babylon Five, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Penny Dreadful and Auel's Earth's Children (do the not!fics count as halves?). The word count range this years is 107-3886 - both Yuletide, incidentally.

Can I pick a favorite? Hm... I loved writing Term of Engagement (and it promptly got remixed), but of the Leverage ones is maybe a little closer to my heart. I feel I learned some new things about Neville during and let you find me where I am (a birthday!verse entry), and loved exploring Miko/Biro some more in their valentine entries, particularly Pearl. Taboo, short as it is, is very harsh, but I stand by it.

I had the idea for Of Guardsmen, Empress Laisa and the Art of Trust in late October when the assignments were sent out, and wrote it down. Then Nano (oh my), after which I had a little trouble to pick it up in December and flesh it out enough in time; I hope I managed. Hashing out Ivan's To-Do List cocurrently and then deciding, whatever, let's make treat of it! was definitely the most fun I had writing this year, which made for a promising conclusion of 2015 writing-wise.

So, 18 fics and ficlets, ~14500 words, buuuuut -
I had the first original novel insiration worth a damn in over 10 years, planned out the rough draft, won NaNoWriMo with ~53260 words... That meant so much so me, and in the next few days, I plan to properly arrange all the scenes and get second-drafting. What do you have in store for me, 2016?

Wishing all readers a happy and healthy new year,
- mayachain


Yuletide and other things

Posted on 2016.01.01 at 21:13
Yuletide author reveals are up! This means it's time for me to post this:

First, I cannot rec enough the Nation!fic mari4212 wrote for me. I love it and if you've read (or, like me, listened to) the book at all you should read it! Here:

Title: From the Wave, we Rise
Author: mari4212
Fandom: Nation (Pratechett)
Characters: Cahle/Milo, Daphne, Pilu
Rating: PG
Spoilers: takes place during the book, so yes.
Summary: Cahle's birthing pains started a full half day before the canoe docked at the island of the Sunset Wave Nation.

As for me, I wrote the following:

Title(s): Of Guardsmen, Empress Laisa and the Art of Trust + Ivan's To-Do-List
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga (Bujold)
Characters: Ivan Vorpatril, Laisa/Gregor, OMC
Genre: outsider-pov
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3886 + 107
Spoilers: through A Civil Campaign
Summary: The royal heir was yet unborn, Emperor Gregor was beleaguered, and their new Empress might be conspiring with Captain Lord Ivan Vorpatril. These were trying times for the palace guard.
Note: Many, many thanks to sasha_feather for a wonderful beta!

Unrelated to Yuletide I end-of-the-year posted two not!fics of Yuletide fandoms - I make no claim toward their comprehensibility to anyone but myself but I felt like posting them anyway :)

Title: New Man (a bit of the sea)
: Penny Dreadful
Featuring: Victor/Proteus, Brona, Caliban
Rating: not rated
Word Count: 705
Summary: Proteus survives the Pilot.
Warnings: Not!fic. Also, Frankenstein's monsters.

Title: song to an unsung grandson
Fandom: Earth's Children Series (Auel)
Featuring: Ayla/Jondalar, Brukeval, all three in one stone age bed
Rating: not rated
Word Count: 1925
Summary: If Ayla had merely been Ayla-the-woman, likely nothing in this not!fic would have come to light or happened. Ayla-the woman doesn’t owe Brukeval-who-resents-her anything. Ayla-the-Zelandoni, however, might.
Warings: Not!fic, references to canon rapes.

Next up: End-of-the-year review. Which will be short.

Happy New Year, everyone!
- mayachain

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