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The somewhat smaller fandoms!

X-Men Movieverse* * * HP * * * SPN * * * SGA * * *Inception * * *Glee * * * Anne of Green Gables * * * Hawaii Five-0 * * * Once Upon a Time * * * Fairytales * * * Avengers * * * Leverage * * * Teen Wolf * * * Vorkosigan * * * Dr. Quinn * * * Haven * * * Merlin * * * The Eagle of the Ninth * * * Babylon 5 * * * Buffy-Verse * * * Veronica Mars


Shall be mine
Young Mr Eames embarks on a quest that will take eleven years. Written for the prompt:
"I shall call him Arthur, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Arthur."
rated PG-13, ~3000 words
contains Arthur/Eames (pre-relationship), Mrs. Eames, Prof. Miles + Mal & Dom Cobb

Hazard Pay
While going through Arthur's drawers, Eames finds something he didn't expect.
rated PG-13, 1007 words, Arthur/Eames.
Sign-On Bonus
the prequel. Eames looks as tired as Arthur is pretending not to be.
rated PG, pre-Arthur/Eames, 500 words

Less far than I can throw you
After a year off the job, Dom must tackle his first legal extraction since Mal's death, his daughter's abandonment issues, and the fallout from breaking Arthur's and Eames' trust.
rated PG-13, ~7300 words
contains low-key Arthur/Eames, Dom Cobb, Yusuf, James&Philippa.

The Sheppard-Fischer Rooftop Assembly, Take Forty-One
Wherein the Sheppard brothers used to escape from parties with a young Robert Fischer, and David is at Robert's father's funeral.
rated PG, ~1560 words, crossover with Stargate:Atlantis

Cryptography and the Joys of Living
Arthur is six when he comes up with his first code.
pre-Arthur/Eames, rated PG, ~1550 words.

Discarding Theseus
Her life in Paris isn't enough for Ariadne anymore.
hints of Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, rated PG, ~1170 words.

The first time it happens, all Eames wants is to go soak in a hot tub or die.
rated PG-13, Eames & Arthur gen, ~1100 words

Four loosely connected drabbles on the theme of finding your way back home.
rated PG, faint Arthur/Eames, ~400 words

Four loosely connectes snippets on the theme of trust.
rated PG, pre-Arthur/Eames, ~580 words

Exercises in being a Cobb
Six things Philippa and James were taught by dreamsharers.
rated PG, gen, Ensemble minus Saito, 1056 words

gain. verb, used with object
At some point just getting Dom back to his kids is no longer enough.
rated PG, Arthur(/Eames), ~350 words

Nothing would have to change. Right.
rated PG, Eames/(Arthur), 160 words

Shells and Whites
Arthur is maybe the only one who knows how Eames likes his eggs.
rated PG, Arthur/Eames, 240


Adventures in Surprise!Glomping
Five times Finn surprise!glomped Kurt (and one time Kurt glomped Finn).
rated PG-13, Hudmel brothers, ~1560 words

right into the heart of me
Tag to "Silly Love Songs". Finn has never felt more miserable in his life.
rated PG, Hudmel brothers, ~800 words

might win, you can never tell
When Puck is injured during a football game, his most regular visitor is an old highschool friend. Or: Four things that might happen in some universe.
rated PG, outsider POV featuring Kurt & Puck, Puck & Artie, Sebastian Smythe and Beth Corcoran

all told, on the up and up
In any football team of growing boys there are always some who go too far, who refuse to listen and don’t respond to punishments, who bear watching. Among the boys also in Will’s little club there used to be only one who might have fit that description.
Written for my 14valentines self-challenge and the topics "Women and Sexual Assault" and "Women and Domestic/Partner Violence". Warnings apply.
rated PG-13, canon pairings, featuring Beiste, Lauren, Mrs. Puckerman, Quinn and Puck, ~580 words

diamonds, rocks, pearls and swines (LJ, AO3
Most of the students don't actively show their respect for her past the requisite apprehension they tend to display when confronted with adults. Sometimes she doubts that the other teachers fully appreciate the amount of effort and dedication she puts into her work.
Written for my 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Work/Employment".
rated PG, Emma Pillsbury gen, ~540 words

our hearts and souls on trial
Unique might not have approached Mercedes and Kurt if she'd had any other choice.
Written for my 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "GLBTQ Women".
rated PG, Unique Adams gen, 3.16 tie-in, ~580 words


Of Cornerstones in Wonderland
Three times Davy Keith met Gilbert Blythe.
rated PG, ~1350 words.

Fairy Thine
'Pixie and Fairy', Mommer used to call them.
rated PG, Dora Keith gen, 100 words

Gilbert of Redmond;
Three letters Gilbert wrote during the beginning of his and Anne's long-distance engagement period.
rated PG, ~3200 words


Fox Hole
Steve and Grace build a pillow fort. Danny finds them.
rated PG, 905 words, pre-Steve/Danny.


The Miller's Daughter
You've loved her since you were both children.
(warning for mild gore, jossed since before Christmas)
rated PG, unrequited Huntsman/Evil Queen, ~1180 words
The Mayor's Lover
Your first duty is not to the mayor.
rated PG, Regina/Graham, ~340 words


The troll that carried not its heart in its chest
Sometimes a father never finds a worthy prince for his daughter. Sometimes brothers don't return from their quest. Sometimes the rescuing gets done by a princess.
Starring princesses, princes, a wolf, a troll, a miller's daughter, a stable lad and a king. Pairings include troll/princess (with implied non-con), princes/princesses, prince/a miller's daughter, princess/princess
rated PG-13, ~3900 words

Count Lilac, the Fairy Court, the Human Realm and a once glorious Kingdom. (Based on Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty.)
Starring Count Lilac & Fairy Court, Aurora/Leo, Count Lilac & Leo, rated PG, 2120 words


Six ways Agent Coulson put an Avenger over SHIELD
gen featuring Phil Coulson, the movieverse Avengers, Nick Fury & Maria Hill.
rated PG, 2330 words


The first time she and Hardison have sex, it's... good.
rated R, Hardison/Parker/Eliot, 1000 words

solid planks, shifting ground (LJ, AO3
They're good kids, the little devils, even if their own mothers never saw fit to teach them any manners.
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women of Color".
rated PG, gen, featuring Hardison's Nana, ~650 words

evil, cash and bunnies(LJ, AO3)
Parker understands loss and being denied. One of those things she can fight.
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Economics/Poverty".
rated PG, gen, warning for past child abuse, 510 words

Term of Engagement
Four women of Leverage. Four ways to view and exert political influence.
Written for my 2015 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Politics".
rated PG-13, mostly gen, featuring Parker, Sophie, Tara and Maggie, 445 words

13 Heirs
Sophie and Nate have a daughter. Parker doesn't want kids.
Written for my 2015 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Reproductive Rights".
rated PG, Sophie/Nate & Hardison/Parker/Eliot, 335 words

each mile traveled
San Lorenzo has a new president. Spencer and his team have left. General Flores after "The San Lorenzo Job".
rated PG, gen, warning for hints of murder, ~520 words

never the changes we want
Tag to 5.04 "The French Connection Job": Before you can be altogether sure what's happening, Hot Guy has wrenched the Institute away from Lampard and offered to refund your tuition.
rated PG, het, featuring Hope, Whitney and Toby Heath, ~660 words

workforce (LJ - DW - AO3)
Tag to 1.02 "The Homecoming Job": "Then change the world."
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women of Color".
rated PG, gen, featuring Dr. Laroque, ~330 words


Scent of White Lilies
The picnic is instigated by the mayor’s office and the sheriff’s department in an attempt to reunite the town after all the tragedies that had struck its inhabitants during the past school year. There are Argents present. So is Derek Hale.
ambiguous gen featuring Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles & Derek plus Chris Argent.
rated PG-13, ~1900 words

Fault Line (LJ, AO3)
More than anything, Erica wants to triumph like all the heroines she's read about.
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Chronic Conditions/Disability".
rated PG, Erica Reyes gen, 514 words


Special Broadcast: For Remembrance
Komarr had been in uproar over the visit ever since its announcement. ImpSec had swarmed the Domes and taken a tooth comb to the station’s personnel for at least as long. Despite Marna's misgivings, boycotting the broadcast was not an option.
rated PG, gen, featuring Gregor Vorbarra, Cordelia Vorkosigan, Ivan Vorpatril, Simon Illyan, Duv Galeni, Kommarans and Barrayarans, ~1700 words

Laisa Toscane has been under the public eye nearly all her life. While they were never exactly low, the stakes are much higher now that she is Empress.
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Media".
rated PG, Gregor/Laisa, ~530 words

Lady Vorkosigan's Manor
After the new Lady Vorkosigan's redecorations, Vorkosigan House has a green silk room.
rated PG, Ekaterin/Miles + Aral/Cordelia, 888 words

Of Guardsmen, Empress Laisa and the Art of Trust
The royal heir was yet unborn, Emperor Gregor was beleaguered, and their new Empress might be conspiring with Captain Lord Ivan Vorpatril. These were trying times for the palace guard.
outsider-pov, rated PG, Gregor/Laisa, Ivan, OMCs, 3886 words.
Ivan's To-Do-List
A short look beyond the scope of Guardsman Candide's viewpoint.
Rated PG, cast as above, 107 words (+ "artwork"!)

let someone build the stars (LJ - DW - AO3)
"Training to be Lady Alys" may not be enough.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Politics".
rated PG, set during "Memory", featuring Delia Koudelka/Duv Galeni, 505 words


The name is the man
The Preston A. Lodge III vague late season 6 AU Yuletide fic. Or: The name is the man is the bank. The name is the man is the clinic.
rated PG, gen, 2331 words


Agents of any movement
Having been given a reprieve is no guarantee for peaceful nights.
rated PG-13, Duke/Audrey/Nathan, late S3-AU, 2325 words

Mud Hook
Love, hate, suspicion, trust. Reacting to Duke is a contradiction.
rated PG-13, gen, Nathan, Duke & Audrey, 1355 words

Lodestone (LJ - DW - AO3)
When Julia leaves for university the plan is to stay well away from Haven for as long as she possibly can.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Education".
rated PG, gen, Julia Carr, ~330 words


There was a part of Morgana that was waiting for Arthur to come to her rescue.
Post-"The Fires of Idirsholas", Pre-"The Tears of Uther Pendragon".
rated PG, Morgana (& Arthur), 345 words

Indetectable (LJ - DW - AO3
Guinevere knows she is lucky to be born the daughter of a maid and a blacksmith.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Money/Economics".
rated PG, gen, Gwen (& everyone), ~330 words

awe within a heavy heart (LJ - DW - AO3)
Some of the maids whisper that the Lady Morgana has to be the bravest woman who ever lived.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Domestic Abuse".
rated PG, set pre-series, Morgana (& Uther, & Arthur), ~325 words


A Life Most Impious and Wicked
The shame Marcus felt after surrendering his body to Esca was eating up the joy of building their new life. There was comfort in the names Esca calls him in a language he was still learning to understand.
rated R, Marcus/Esca, ~2000 words


crossing chasms in small jumps
Sometimes, what Susan really needed after a long day of troubleshooting in various places on Babylon 5 was a brawl.
rated PG-13, Susan/Talia + Susan & Drazi, recreational violence, ~430 words


The Slayer who lived (The busride destination remix)
She'd been okay, until she wasn't any more.
Tag to "Chosen". A remix of The Girl Who Lived by evil_little_dog.
Rated PG, gen, featuring Buffy & the series finale survivors.


back to the future in a tardis (LJ - DW - AO3)
Some people have time for mental health days. Mac - in her mind, at least - time travels.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Physical/Mental Health".
rated PG-13, references to canon murders, suicides, non-con and abuse, featuring Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, ~530 words

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