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Drabble: Valor

Posted on 2013.04.24 at 20:23
Title: Valor
Featuring: Bobby Drake, implied Bobby&John
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100 words
Summary: In the aftermath of terrorism, Bobby has a conversation with his teachers.
Notes: This can be read as a prequel to Bridges but it also stands alone.

“You failed him,” Bobby tells the small plot of earth that marks Xavier’s grave. He swallows, but turns to include Jean’s and Scott’s with a glance. “I did, too, I was a shitty friend. But you were responsible, and he needed you to take care of all of us and you failed him.”

It’s a long time before he goes back to the house. There, he avoids the TV, helps the cook defrost twenty pounds of beef, watches Piotr pound the pieces nice and soft, all the while wishing he had the guts to say the words to Ororo’s face.

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