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drabble: Also by the heart

Posted on 2013.10.27 at 20:19
Title: Also by the heart
Characters: Bobby (& John)
Genre: gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 101
Summary: There is one thing Bobby refuses to believe might not be the truth.

Also by the heart

There is one thing Bobby knows each night he goes to bed, every morning he wakes up. It’s a truth that grows more and more unlikely with each building that’s destroyed, with every life that is lost.

It’s already become near impossible to justify his unwavering certainty to others.

Bobby has known the man burning a pathway all through the United States for longer than most and better than all those judging Iceman for his stance. He believes, has to believe… If only he can find the right words if, no, when he catches Pyro… He can save John. He can.

Title from quote:
"We know truth, not only by reason, but also by the heart." ~Blaise Pascal

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