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Here be a lot of gen and (sometimes pre-) slash with the occasional canon het and one OT3 sprinkled in. However, the highest rating is R because I cannot for the life of me write smut. Most of the stories can now also be found at my AO3-account, but I try to maintain a complete list here. (It's become too long for LJ as of 2/2016 - now split in two!)

X-Men Movieverse* * * HP * * * SPN * * * SGA * * *Inception * * *Glee * * * Anne of Green Gables * * * Hawaii Five-0 * * * Once Upon a Time * * * Fairytales * * * Avengers * * * Leverage * * * Teen Wolf * * * Vorkosigan * * * Dr. Quinn * * * Haven * * * Merlin * * * The Eagle of the Ninth * * * Babylon 5 * * * Buffy-Verse * * * Veronica Mars

As the cut-tag says, Bobby/St John, although there may be traces of Bobby/Rogue and gen

During and after X2: one-shots

Frosted World
Rated PG-13
Set mid-X2. What if a second bullet had made a difference?
now remixed as Mighty Dark Road by schmevil!

Silence, or something like it
Rated PG
Set mid-X2, during/after the deleted camping scene.

Rated PG
You know how the teachers always take John's lighter? Someone's clued in at last...Beware of the fluff. Post X2, [insert how John got back here]. Also known as the one that saved my oral exam.

Untitled Conversation
Rated PG
Some alternate X2 missing scene universe, where this doesn't happen.It's short, but you might need a toothbrush for the sweet.

Determination on a Sunday
Rated PG
Decisions are best made in quiet moments. Set post X2.

Graveyard, Wake
Rated PG while tinged with dark themes
Robert Drake, a man who was once St John Allerdyce, a slip of paper and a grave. Future-fic, and my unofficial, but author-approved sequel to laytoncolt s Corner of Mason and Cross. Her summary was: "It was stupid of him to come, to pack up and head out without even getting a reason--like the last months had never happened, and nothing has changed."
post-X2, Rated R

An Alternate Universe in 19 Scenes
My take on what would have happened if St John had been kidnapped by the soldiers attacking the Mansion.
Rated R, 1900 words, drabble series and multiple second-person pov.
schmoopy tag: What you make of it
Rated PG, ~580 wordsfeaturing St John, Bobby, St John's Mom and five formerly captured X-kids.
Thanksgiving drabble
Rated PG, 100 words
What they make of it
Christmas ficlet
rated PG, 300 words
An Alternate Universe in 19 Scenes, "The Last Stand" Edition
The events of X3, following the above changes.
Rated PG-13, 1900 words, drabble series and multiple second-person pov.

Smartest Drake
Rated PG which the Blackbird leaving the Drake family's front yard has eight, not seven, passengers.
X2 AU, 1376 words

Rated PG
Double-Drabble in which Bobby has a plan which Pyro incinerates, but all goes right anyway.
Pre-X2, 200 words

Rated PG-13 which Stryker has better timing and has three mutants collapse inside the Jet.
Set mid-X2, ~600 words

Everything in St John's life boiled down to one simple truth.
Set pre-X2, ~600 words

During or after X2: Series

Most Wanted / Gazette Day series

also known as How to bring St John home or How to improve the mood of Mr Summers' advanced math class.  Begins two weeks after Boston and Alkali Lake.
Rated PG, mostly

(I) Gazette Day
Scott's advanced math class has a member missing.Someone posts a letter in a local newspaper, which triggers other letters.

(II) Most Wanted
A phone-call breaking week-long silence. The advanced math class is suddenly teacherless.

(III) Most Wanted, part 2
Pyro waits. A slip of paper is cherished.

(IV) Prodigal Son
Scott and St John and the blue car wonder. The advanced math class is depressed.

(V) At long last, home
How to cheer up an advanced math class at around 1 a.m. The happy end.

(and) Second Reason
The Outtake in which St John's Second Reason to return to the X-Men is explained. Much Angst.

During or after X3: one-shots

Damage: Extent Unknown
Rated PG
Some things cannot be salvaged. Bobby and Rogue post-X3.130 words
Would you, could you, maybe
Rated PG
Two men at a mall. It shouldn't be so hard to ask a question.621 words, Post X3, loosely connected to Damage: Extent Unknown.

Even if it's true
Rated PG-13 for violence
If you fuck up hard enough, it gets very hard to make a call. William Drake and Pyro, post-X3, 212 Words

Rated PG-13, 2832 words
If you haven't been a little brother in years, have you really become an only child or is it just an illusion?
Rated PG, ~270 words
A café at the outskirts of Boston. Eight months, four meetings. A measure of rapprochement. “Allow me to do something?”

Pyre (I hate the title, but I was tired)
Rated PG, 100 words
Scott Summers never had a funeral.

God Among Snowflakes
Rated PG, ~460 words
Bobby Drake is a god among snowflakes. He saves the world because of it.

Shot in the Dark</a>
Rated PG, 140 words
Bobby never wanted to fight John.

Rated PG, ~900 words
Until today, the trial of the terrorist and self-proclaimed Brotherhood lieutenant St John Allerdyce has passed without incident.

let blood to bleed
Rated dark PG, 360 words
The result of Pyro getting hit by a syringe during the battle of Alcatraz is not pretty.

also by the heart
Rated PG, gen, 101 words
There is one thing Bobby refuses to believe might not be the truth.

During or after X3: Series

How to escape from prison in 210 days

(I) Day 191
(II) Day 194
(III) Day 195
(IV) Interlude
(V) Day 210
Rated R overall
Set a few years after X3. Rogue and Logan have left the X-Men. Xavier is dead. Scott's dead. Jean's dead. In a recent development, Storm is dead. Shortly before her death, Pyro was imprisoned by the X-Men. He's been locked up in the Mansion's basement for the last six months, and to make matters worse, Bobby suddenly stops accompanying his lunch. He is not happy. Not happy at all.

How to reintegrate into society in about forty weeks

(I) One Day
(II) One Week
(III) One Month
(IV) Six Months
(V) Nine Months
(VI) Epilogue: One Year
Rated up to R
A series of timestamps set during the first year after St John's abovementioned prison escape.

Rebuilding Burned Bridges
Rated PG-13, overall
(1) A hospital burns
(2) The consuming of water, sandwiches and news
(3) The morning after
(4) Getting reaquainted, tentatively
(5) Ice cream does your soul good
(6) Tales about a so-called cure
(7) Somehow in the right place again
(8) Campus ground shaking
(9) Of secret societies and making plans

missing scene
St John-centric prequel
Mystique-centric prequel
Storm-centric aside ficlet
Bobby-centric prequel drabble

Five years after Alkali Lake, Bobby has taken time off from X-Men duty and gone to college. While an unexpected attack by the Brotherhood leads the government to double their efforts to find a permanent cure for the X-gene, St John finds that you cannot burn all your bridges without rebuilding some.

sequel-ish snippets: Babysteps onto a Rebuilt Bridge

(1) Babysteps onto a rebuilt bridge
(2) Trespassing on your limits

Timeline not determined:

Drabble, Drablet: End
Rated PG-13
Bobby and John face the end of the world. Is it mutants against humans? Mutants against mutants? Mutants against aliens? Take your pick, it's not important.The shortest I ever wrote, 74 words


plotted and / or written pre-Deathly Hallows

To the Victor go the Spoils
If the War was won merely minutes ago, is there anything left that you want?
Rated PG, with a warning for injuries and blood.Lupin/Snape and Neville/Draco, pre-slash doubled up.
... which may or may not be a sequel. Neville/Draco, Class Reunion Victory Party Time.
Rated PG, with warnings of mention of dead people, a lack of angst, and a smile.
Enmity, grown-up version
The war is over, and Order members are acting weirdly toward Severus at the First Order Reunion Victory Party.Snape/Lupin, see above.

Rated PG
Upon being released from prison, Draco dreads facing the world on his own. Neville/Draco pre-slash.
and its possible prequel
In Plain Sight, Hidden
Rated PG
Third Year, Post Hippogriff-incident: Draco flaunts, Minerva scolds, and Dumbledore has his reasons. Neville/Draco pre-slash by several years.</font>

plotted and written post-Deathly Hallows

Rated PG
Lupin/Snape. Waking up.

Before the Storm, Calm
Even after the war is over, the future remains uncertain. Spending the night in his bedroom at the Manor has never been a good thing for Draco Malfoy. Neville/Draco, don't you know?
Rated PG-13, ties in with the backstory given in Sanctuary.

Occlumency 301
Rated PG
No matter how hard you try, you can never guess another person's deepest secret. Snape/Lupin & Draco/Neville, June 1997 and May 2018.

Love, Interrupted
Narcissa/Lucius and Andromeda/Ted
Rated PG
Over the years, Narcissa watches Lucius Malfoy, and Andromeda watches her sister.
This is a remix of For Love by darsynia.

Caught Out
Your lies will catch up with you. (Snape/Lupin)
Rated PG, ~400 words.

Wind Beneath and
It is far from easy to live in the aftermath. (Draco-centric, owl-pov)
Rated PG, ~640 words.
Breeze to Come
It is far from easy to live in the aftermath. (Neville-centric, toad-pov)
Rated PG, ~500 words.
He is young and approachable, which is why the students come to him with their questions. (Neville, nearly gen)
Rated PG, ~750 words

My life within these walls
Being bound to Hogwarts as a ghost is not the afterlife he would have wished for.
rated PG, ~300 words (triple-drabble)

We are not ourselves our enemies
The one where the D.A. forms a line of defense around Goyle and Draco. post-battle.
Rated PG, gen, ~ 1000 words (drabble series), shifting povs.

and in the hard place there was you [AO3]
The first time Draco takes notice of Neville Longbottom - really takes notice, not singles him out as an easy target to pick on - the boy is standing in front of him, trembling in a wash of fear, guilt and excitement, shoving his fists up and calling "I'm worth ten of you!"
rated PG, pre-Neville>/Draco, ~560 words

Real Witches (LJ, AO3)
When Hermione had been little, a ‘witch’ to most around her had been someone who was old and hunch-backed and mean-faced and had warts.
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Body Image".
rated PG, gen, featuring Hermione Granger, ~530 words

at whose discretion (LJ, AO3)
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Reproductive Rights/Motherhood".
rated PG, gen, featuring Minerva McGonagall, ~550 words

Break-Out (LJ, AO3)
Being known as Harry's girlfriend in the gossip rags doesn't help her become one of the greatest Chasers the Holyhead Harpies have ever seen.
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Athletics".
rated PG, featuring Ginny Weasley(/Harry Potter), ~465 words

an oddment on this hand dealt (LJ - DW - AO3)
A half-shifted Death Eater werewolf once bowled Lavender over a balcony and savaged her neck. She lived.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Disability/Chronic Illness".
rated PG, featuring Lavender Brown, ~410 words

glamour, blood and soul companions (LJ - DW - AO3)
Their pairing was not inevitable, even if his presence was the only thing that kept her from fleeing Hogwarts during that horrible third year.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Body Image".
rated PG, featuring Victoire Weasley/Teddy Lupin, ~330 words

Various connected January 9th and March 10th ficlets (and some others):

When you've lost nearly everyone dear to you, it's not a pleasant experience to get a dinner invitation from the enemy. It's even worse when you find that the enemy is family.
Rated PG, widowed!Remus and Teddy Lupin on January 9th 1999 (Snape's birthday).

The world believes Severus Snape was killed by Voldemort and a giant snake. This is him waking up on his thirty-ninth birthday...
Companion piece to R.S.V.P..
Rated PG, featuring Severus Snape, Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy.

Emendate Donum and Emendate Donum (flip-side)
Both rated PG, same birthday 'verse as above: Three times Draco Malfoy gave Severus Snape something for his birthday. On IJ here and here.

Thirty-Nine (March edition)
Just because you're turning thirty-nine doesn't mean you can escape the full moon.
Rated PG, Neville and Moony, March 10th 1999. On IJ here.

Bargaining My Way
Three times Draco Malfoy had a nightmare on his birthday. 1997-99.
Rated PG, featuring Draco/Neville, Pansy and Snape.

Nineteen & a future
This time, it is a gift.
Rated PG, Neville/Draco, Remus/Severus & Teddy

forty years, or three quarters thereof
All ten-year old Severus Snape wanted for his birthday was a real home. (Covers 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000.)
Rated PG-13, usual pairings.
five o'clock, with certainty
The flip-side of the above January 9th, 2000.
Rated PG, ~300 words

Making Forty
Being among friends is all Remus Lupin has ever needed for his birthday. (Covers 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000.)
Rated PG, usual pairings.

Twenty Years, Not Alone
Neville needs to start his 20th birthday in his own way.
Rated PG, usual pairings + Frank/Alice, Augusta & Teddy. canonical mental illness.

the finish line before the journey
On his 22nd birthday, Neville takes an important test.
Rated PG, usual pairings, Augusta + Teddy.

Life Lesson #273
Some gifts have to be savoured with caution. (July 31st, 2003)
Rated PG, Neville & Severus.

six ninths of forty-five
On his forty-fifth birthday, Remus receives a message from beyond the grave.
Rated PG, featuring Remus Lupin, Severus Snape and Neville Longbottom. On IJ here.

This flip-side of a century
Failing to hide on your birthday is not always a bad thing. (Covers 1991, 2001 and 2011.)
Rated PG, usual pairings, featuring Minerva McGonagall

This flip-side of a century (March edition)
Three birthdays in the life of Remus Lupin - 1991, 1998 & 2011.
Rated PG, featuring Marauders, Tonks, Teddy, Neville & Minerva McGonagall.
love in times of war
Tonks had accepted that she was too heavy with child now to take part in active combat. She had not accepted being confined to her cottage and staying idle.
Rated PG, featuring Remus/Tonks on Tonks' last ever birthday.

faint silver lining of my life
Three times Severus woke up to something good on his birthday. (Covers 1978, 1997 & 2003.)
Rated PG, featuring Lily, Teddy and Narcissa Malfoy.

a fire horn for your journey
Five times Severus brewed a potion on his birthday. (Covers 1973, 1983, 1993, 2003, 2013)
Rated PG, featuring Lily Evans and Teddy Lupin

Here and wherever we could be
Keeping vital secrets remained necessary whether or not it was Remus' birthday. (March 13th, 2003)
Rated PG, starring Remus/Severus, Teddy, and Harry/Ginny

On this journey your only heart
Draco's only plan for his last year of school while the Dark Lord reigns not only the outside world but Draco’s own home is survival. As the year progresses his growing admiration for the resistant students means mere survival may not be an option.
Or: This verse's N/D 7th-year backstory. Graphic descriptions of torture under Cruciatus, low-key relationship, emotional manipulation.
Rated R, Neville/Draco, Bellarix, Snape, assorted others, ~7770 words
but in small secrets
The first time Neville could no longer deny something was up with Malfoy was when he happened upon Macmillan tagging FREE HOGWARTS all over a set of moving stairs in bright yellow Muggle paint. (Early December.)
Rated PG, Neville, Draco, Ernie, Prof.Carrow, ~730 words
the life we're having
It was July when Neville answered Draco's invitation to the Manor.
Rated PG, Neville/Draco, Narcissa/Lucius, Augusta, ~580 words

an inkstain on your mind
Six times someone's signature stood out on Severus' birthday. (Covers 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004, 2014)
Rated PG, Severus/Remus with a dash of Lily, James, Teddy and Minerva, ~1500 words

draw me a map and we'll go far
Six times Remus had a date on his birthday. (Covers 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004, 2014)
Rated PG-13, Remus/OCs, pre-Remus/Tonks, Remus/Severus, Marauders, Teddy Lupin, ~1500 words

Twenty Years, Standing Tall
The first time Vincent had mentioned it, Draco had laughed at him and Gregory had followed suit. (June 5h, 2000)
Rated PG, Draco(/Neville), 633 words

or was the garden a dream
A rare time Neville had a lazy morning on his birthday. (takes place 2014)
Rated PG-13, Neville/Draco, Teddy Lupin, 430 words

Ripples, Pangs
The only good thing about all the commotion this accursed term was that Severus turning thirty-five had utterly disappeared into the background. (Covers 1995.)
Rated PG, Severus Snape (& Rubeus Hagrid, & Remus Lupin), ~550 words

through the ether, reaching far
Turning 35 and celebrating with Sirius for the first time in forever wouldn't be so bad if vigilance didn't demand sobriety. Remus on March 13th, 1995.
Rated PG, Remus & Sirius + Remus & Severus, ~550 words

yet never the cost
Three times Draco Malfoy's worth as a Slytherin was tested on his birthday.
Rated PG, Draco(/Neville), Crabbe&Goyle, Blaise, ~850 words

and let you find me where I am
Three times Neville Longbottom's worth as a Gryffindor was tested on his birthday.
Rated PG, Neville/Draco, Augusta, Enid + Algie, Harry, ~1050 words

Twenty-, Thirty-, Fifty-Six
Three times Severus Snape ran afoul a lack of discipline on his birthday.
Rated PG-13, Remus/Severus, young Tonks, ~770 words

and do not say 'not now'
A birthday and the split seconds before a mission seem like a good time to make major life decisions.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Reproductive Rights".
Featuring Tonks on her second-to-last birthday, rated PG, ~370 words

not fall in line
Three times Draco contemplates heritage on his birthday.
Rated PG, Draco/Neville, Pansy, Millicent, Teddy, ~1050 words

Three miracles Neville experienced on his birthday.
Rated PG, Draco/Neville, Harry/Ginny, Augusta, ~1150 words

Sam & Dean (and the Impala)


Like a wheel
The hellhounds have dragged Dean off to hell, and either Sam is going insane with grief or the car he just inherited is trying to persuade him to follow.
rated R, minor spoilers for 3.01, otherwise largely ignorant of season 3.

Stairway from Nowhere
""There is blood left in the dirt in its trail, the stench of it tinged with smoke and fire. Its blind stumble is followed by the predators of a tree-filled place with wary eyes and offended noses, scenting bleeding and vulnerable but not prey, wrong."
Rated R, about 1247 words

Five times Sam has saved Dean in his dreams without knowing it (and one time he doesn't)
Ties in with 3x10 Dream a little dream of me: Just because Sam doesn't believe he can do something doesn't mean he hasn't already done it - several times.
~1700 words, rated PG-13
Four times Dean's ass was saved by Sam unwittingly trespassing in his dreams (and one time it wasn't)
Companion piece to the above; features Carmen.
~2700 words, rated PG-13
remixed as One Time Sam Went Dreamwalking (Have You Any Dreams You'd Like To Sell?) by jmtorres!
One time Sam trespassed one of his father's dreams. Rated R.

as yet no mark to stop me [AO3]
Unlike most Hunters she knows, Jo Harvelle has health insurance.
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the "Women's Physical and Mental Health" topic.
~520 words, rated PG

Mainstay: Palo Alto">
During his first year at Stanford, Sam forges himself a way to hold on to his family.
660 words, rated PG, featuring Sam, Dean & assorted Hunters.

STARGATE:ATLANTIS - John/Rodney, a smidge of David and Biro/Miko

No Less
David catches John at kissing when they're 17/19, 26/28 and 43/45.
Rated PG-13, ~950 words

Twenty things about Dave that John doesn't know
Like the title says :) Same Dave as above.
Rated PG-13, ~1800 words

Beating Hearts
The Adventures of David Sheppard, following his first (and only?) heart attack.
Rated PG-13 on average, ~7500 words in 19 parts of ~400.
The above link goes to the first part on LJ , the whole story in one is here
mcsmooch snippet, tied in with part 7: Welcoming
Rated R, ~300 words
Beating Holidays
The Christmas sequel, which both John and Rodney and David spend in Canada.
Rated a tame PG-13, ~5000 words in 12 parts of ~400+.
The above link goes to the first part on LJ, the whole story in one is here.
and counting stars
Madison loved solving math puzzles with Uncle John.
rated PG, John, Madison (background John/Rodney and Jeannie/Kaleb), ~490 words
Toward the sky
Five women in Jeannie's family who had to fight for their education and one who got it all.
Written for the topic "women and education" at 14valentines. Impending death of a child in one sequence.
rated PG, featuring Jeannie and Madison, 6 x 100 words
the hands you're in
When Rodney receives sad news from his niece, he turns to Teyla for advice.
rated PG, featuring Teyla and Rodney, 504 words

Honor Guard
Earthside, a Pegasus veteran stands guard over her commanding officer, who got shot on his way to Dr McKay's wedding.
Rated PG.13, outsider-pov, ~2400 words
remixed as Next of Kin (What I Won't Do For Love Remix) by danceswithgary!
rated PG, Jennifer's pov.
prequel: a part time thing, a paper ring
Rodney asks the dreaded question
Rated PG, contains John/OMC/OFC, ~700 words
tag: running the gauntlet
Rodney doesn't quite realize everyone on Atlantis knows why the wedding didn't happen.
Rated PG, Rodney's pov, ~400 words
tag snippets: five weeks and thirteen months after the fact
One conversation with Teyla, one epiphany
Rated PG, Rodney's pov, 210 + 220 words
romantic tag: and upon
None of them can say why this, above all others, is the right moment.
Rated PG, Team pov, ~400 words
mcsmooch tag: achy older men
Rated PG, John's pov, ~420 words

Three gifts Rodney wants to give his team
Rated PG, ~850 words
That keeps on giving
Sequel to the above,featuring the Team, Woolsey, Radek, Torren and Kanaan
Rated PG-13, ~4700 words

The real thing
double feature drabble, too many people telling John "I love you"
rated PG, 200 words

gonna try, with a little
one for mcsmooch, featuring Kaleb Miller
rated PG, ~580 words
sing out of tune
mcsmooch #2, featuring Samantha Carter
rated PG, ~740 words

can't tell you, but I know it's mine
another (unrelated) mcsmooch, featuring Cameron Mitchell
rated PG, ~450 words
eight nacre rings
four ways they might have ended up with those secret wedding rings
rated PG-13, ~2200 words

Plain White Tee (The Three Musketeers' Remix)
How Rodney's t-shirts experience being misused as Christmas wrapping and subsequently kidnapped by one John Sheppard. Remix of gblvr's Plain White Tee (rated PG).
rated PG, ~2000 words

a mcsmooch featuring Evan Lorne
rated PG, ~450 words
Jane Wyatt did it first
It's not that they're being subtle, exactly: A mcsmooch featuring Major Anne Teldy
rated PG, ~250 words
mcshelplet for the prompt "downtime", Evan Lorne p.o.v.
razed PG, ~510 words

Rodney nearly steps onto a landmine and over John's line in the sand.
rated PG, John & Rodney/Jennifer, ~450 words

walk in the wet and cold
For the decision she made to affect all their lives, she needs to survive. (Featuring Jennifer Keller)
rated PG, ~480 words

A Stargate cannot be used for Shelter
comment!fic for sheafrotherdon's Shared Body Heat Festival.
rated PG, ~390 words

Hives full of Wraith are haunting Teyla's (violent) dreams.
rated PG, ~600 words

Where I lay my head
Dave makes John pick one of the many houses belonging to the Sheppard Estate.
rated PG, 1012 words

World to come
"I don't know what you want from me!"
Jeannie, John and Jennifer, rated PG, ~300 words

Let someone kiss it better (the heeded footsteps remix)
In which Zelenka falls asleep a lot, the Atlantis expedition copes, and everyone's motives are (mostly) pure. Remix of gblvr's Kiss it better (rated PG).
Zelenka/Lorne with Dr. Biro, rated PG, ~1200 words
science hippie room of... [AO3]
The marines think it's beyond weird, but sometimes a scientist just has to write a paper during her precious few hours off.
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the "Women and Education/Academics" topic.
rated PG, minor Biro/Kusanagi, 716 words
most quiet need
It had been two days since Dr. McKay had returned high as a kite on an alien enzyme and Colette had started cross-checking Carson's findings.
rated PG, Dr.Biro/Miko Kusanagi, Radek Zelenka, 340 words
Miko Kusanagi had a beautiful brain.
Written for my 2015 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Body Image".
rated PG-13, Biro/Kusanagi, 210 words
Miko was always the first person to catch a cold.
Written for my 2015 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Physical and Mental Health".
rated PG, featuring Miko/Dr.Biro, ~330 words

During Girl's Night after a Culling, a taboo is broken.
Written for my 2015 14valentines self-challenge and the topics "Domestic Abuse" and "Sexual Assault".
rated PG, gen, featuring Dusty, Alison, Collette, Miko, Laura, Anne & Jennifer, ~210 words
make time to meet you here (
LJ - DW - AO3)
Miko may have discovered at least two reasons for the Colonel's morning runs.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Sports".
rated PG, Biro/Kusanagi, 365 words
inside the nacre, a bead (LJ - DW - AO3)
Miko knows the marines are joking when they talk about coming across a sex-changing machine one of these days. That’s not a reason not to keep an eye out.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "GLBTQ Women".
rated PG, Biro/Kusanagi, 320 words
although they are only breath (LJ - DW - AO3)
Dr. Kusanagi is not among those looking forward to their work being declassified.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Media".
rated PG, Kusanagi(/Biro), ~320 words
commanding immortal words (LJ - DW - AO3)
Colette finds that the differences between Carson and Jennifer as direct superiors are hard to sum up.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and Work".
rated PG, featuring Biro/Kusanagi + Jennifer + Carson, ~370 words

Page Torn
It never occured to David that maybe he was the one supposed to reach out. (The one where David is jealous of Kaleb.)
John/Rodney, David & the Millers, rated PG, ~600 words

The World, and now the Universe
John rarely lets anyone touch him, but it's different during movie nights with his team.
rated PG-13, ~2500 words
contains Team, Rodney/Jennifer, asexual!John/Rodney, past Rodney/Katie, Ronon/Amelia and Teyla/Kanaan + Torren

Femina Cursor Est
In another universe, Sateda fell much later, and Teyla was made a Runner.
featuring Teyla and a Wraith Queen, rated PG-13, ~ 1150 words
Fall of Sateda
When it falls, Sateda is supposedly allied with Atlantis.
featuring Ronon, Melena, Kell and other Satedans, rated PG-13, ~1100 words

Of Seagulls and Strange Galaxies
Stranded on Earth, Teyla's team is in need of reconnection, Athosian style.
rated PG, ~2000 words
contains Team, references to canon pairings, and hints of pre-John/Rodney

Six Improbable Weddings (and one that was even more improbable
Seven years into the expedition, John becomes mildly obsessed about weddings.
rated PG, ~4600 words. Pairings are John/Rodney, Ronon/Amelia, Teyla/Kanaan.
She for you
It's finally Ronon's turn.
rated PG-13, ~470 words.
End of an Engagement
After years of waiting, it's Teyla and Kanaan's turn.
rated PG-13, ~540 words

A Christmas Smooch
A week after the beginning of the end of DADT, Atlantis has a Christmas Dinner.
rated PG, 515 words, Lorne + John/Rodney

Bride's Day
This is not the wedding day John thought Jennifer Keller would have.
rated PG, ~1050 words

A Sheppard suite in five movements
Music played an integral part in Rodney's childhood. He never touched a piano after the lessons stopped, but he took note of the guitar in Sheppard's quarters.
rated PG. ~4100 words, Team with canon pairings plus Torren and Dave + John/Rodney in the last segment.

would also better be
David has this dream he can't shake no matter how many years this separation goes on.
rated PG, David Sheppard gen, ~525 words

After landing on Earth, the expedition's future is uncertain. Atlantis intervenes when her people spread themselves too thin.
rated PG. ~2550 words, Team, pre-John/Rodney.

Anchors Cast
There are certain things that happen when a Gate Team member is in the infirmary.
rated PG, Richard Woolsey gen, Team, Carson Beckett, 1540 words

They expected her to make the announcement soon.
rated PG, Jennifer Keller gen, ~260 words

Mine to shape and belong
Ronon would have been surprised if most of the Lanteans had even realized he had been issued BDUs. With Atlantis on Earth and a conscious choice to wear them, his thoughts kept circling back to the fact that there was no nationality patch on his upper arm.
rated PG-13, Ronon Dex gen, with Evan Lorne, ~1200 words

Jump up, strap in
When Amelia signs up for Atlantis' return to Pegasus, it is not because of Ronon.
written for the topic "women and work/employment" at 14valentines
rated PG, Amelia(/Ronon), 504 words

Waste got
When it comes to the question of what to do with nuclear waste, all that is really needed is someone with the opportunity to make the right argument to the right person.
rated PG, OFC-pov with Hermiod & Novak, ~440 words

"I’m still keeping secret what I think no one should know. Not even anthropologists or intellectuals, no matter how many books they have, can find out all our secrets." ~ Rigoberta Menchú
rated PG, Ronon Dex(/Amelia), 633 words

Our blessings one by one
In a world where there is no Stargate Program, Major Sheppard is dishonorably discharged and left to fend for himself by his father, but not his brother. (Or: The DavidYay!AU)
rated PG-13, minor John/Rodney + David & Patrick Sheppard, 4153 words
Cast Away (an AU on the above premise)
Injured, Rodney reads, and fucked up mission and disobeyed orders and probable discharge.
rated PG-13, John/Rodney + Radek Zelenka, 1080 words
Friendly Fire
Wherein a young John met Rodney during a year of Canadian exile or: Three times someone threw a paper ball.
rated PG-13, John/Rodney + Radek Zelenka, ~1700 words
“Dr. McKay, it has been six months since McKay Incorporated entered into negotiations with Sheppard Industries about cooperation regarding the development of so-called S.E.A.s."
rated Pg-13, Rodney McKay(/John Sheppard) + a reporter, 512 words

Resurgence [AO3]
They were few after they'd lost their home world. They are even fewer now after Michael.
Written for my 2014 14valentines self-challenge and the "Women and Politics" topic.
rated PG, featuring Teyla/Kanaan + Torren, Jinto & Halling, Rodney, Ronon, Athosians, 530 words

In a Park one Universe removed
Harry Sullivan walks into a <strike>bar</strike> park and meets... Jeannie Miller. Remix of Park Life by paranoidangel.
rated PG, crossover with Dr. Who, canon pairings referenced, ~1200 words

99% of your IOA acquaintances think you’ve lost your mind.
rated PG, featuring Richard Woolsey & John Sheppard, 150 words

for every spray now springs
They find Atlantis’ food production wing in the aftermath of a medium level seaquake.
rated PG, David Parrish, Katie Brown, Ensemble, ~630 words

and saved the sum of things for pay
The Lanteans had vowed to take a bigger role within the Coalition. Now, it had been several weeks since anyone had heard from them.
rated PG, featuring Ladon Radim + some Peoples of Pegasus, ~700 words

As long as he can remember, Teyla's Gift has called to Kanaan's own.
rated PG, Teyla/Kanaan, 485 words
Eleven peeks at Torren John
The first time Torren flies in a Jumper, he is four weeks old.
rated PG-13, Teyla/Kanaan, Torren/OCs, Ensemble, ~800 words

freighted with the memories and dreams of time
Jen starts talking to Todd because… Look.
rated PG-13, gen, ~2100 words, dubious ethics, medical experimentation, some horror
featuring Jennifer Keller, Todd, Dr. Biro, Carson Beckett, Richard Woolsey, Rodney McKay & John Sheppard
a strange, far place
It’s… They shouldn’t be in here alone.
rated PG-13, Jennifer Keller/Todd, Teyla Emmagan, 1114 words

peace in our forebears' time (LJ - DW - AO3)
Melena's home world is approaching sixty years of peace.
Written for my 2016 14valentines self-challenge and the topic "Women and War/Peace".
rated PG, pre-series, featuring Melena Dex, ~300 words
Commemorate this life I'll never live
Mel Banks is sixteen years old the first time she slips away from another Athosian festival and goes to Sateda.
rated PG, background Amelia Banks/Ronon Dex, ~410 words

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