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mayachain's Journal

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I'm a very private person, some would say too private for my own good. That's probably why this journal contains fairly few personal posts.

The purpose of this journal is mostly community participation and for posting my fics. If you find yourself suddenly added to my friends list, it's because I liked something you wrote and intend to stalk you don't want to miss potentially further interesting posts.

A few words about the stuff I write and read, fandom wise:
My stories don't tend to be very long, as I like to capture short snippets in time. Sometimes, they become short series. I write (sometimes pre-) slash; however, due to my near absolute lack of ability to write smut, the highest rating I ever managed is R. This has nothing to say about the stuff I feel comfortable reading, though *g*

Should anyone be interested in podficcing something of mine, go right ahead (and make me very happy)!

X-Men Movieverse
My first fandom, and still going strong. I write and ship Bobby/St.John and read Scott/Logan as well as gen.

Harry Potter
I've written Neville/Draco and Lupin/Snape, sometimes together (not like that!). Besides that, Percy/Oliver is love. Since DH, I'm also a sucker for stories dealing with grieving!George and the post-war relationship between Harry, Dudley and Petunia.

I don't read as much of it as I used to, and have mayachain_recs seems to be on indefinite hiatus. It's become the fandom I have the least output in, but there are a few stories on my fic list, all gen. Like a Wheel is something I'll never forget writing.

Stargate: Atlantis
is the newest sci-fi internet thingie I've been suckered into, and it's taking over a lot of the other fandoms' time. Am reading mostly gen, John/Rodney, Lorne/Parrish, and have a soft spot for Zelenka, and am interested in any and all takes on David Sheppard. Strangely, while I hate unrequited John/Rodney, my own steadily growing fic list holds a universe that contains exactly that.

I've also written the odd thing for Inception, Glee, Hawaii 5-0, Leverage, Anne of Green Gables and Once Upon a Time.

Fandoms I haven't written in but tend to read include The Sentinel, Star Trek TOS/AOS, Due South, Good Omens, Heroes, White Collar, Suits, The Avengers, The Losers, Magnificent Seven, Merlin, Eagle og the Ninth, AtWt, Queer as Folk... and I'm pretty sure I've forgotten some.

Random note: In almost all my fandoms, one major character is called John. This fact is very confusing.

- mayachain